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Franklin Girls Softball Association

The Franklin Girls Softball Association provides girls 3 to 16 years old instruction, competition and fun playing fastpitch softball.  We are committed to providing a positive softball environment for all of our players and to cultivating our players love of the game by teaching them the game of softball (both skills and rules), and to honor the game and its participants (players, coaches, umpires and parents/guardians).  

We are committed to ensuring ALL players in our league are valued, regardless of skill level.  Finally, and most importantly, we are committed to making sure the players in our league have FUN!
  • 06.29.20166:00 PM

    Douglas 10B VS. Team Drucker

    Douglas - Douglas Middle School
  • 06.29.20166:00 PM

    Team Moussa VS. Framingham

    Remington-Jefferson Fields - RJ - Front
  • 06.29.20166:00 PM

    Team Fales VS. Easton 12A

    Pisani Fields - Pisani 2 - Snack Stand
  • 06.29.20166:00 PM

    Norwood VS. Team Weidman

    Norwood - Jean Brown Field
  • 06.29.20166:00 PM

    Hopedale 14 VS. Team Osborne

    Hopedale - Philips Field - Far Field
  • 06.29.20166:00 PM

    Team Formato VS. KP 18

    Pisani Fields - Pisani 1 - Peck St
  • 06.29.20166:00 PM

    Sharon 18 VS. Team Levine

    Sharon-Ames St - Field D
  • 06.30.20166:00 PM

    Team Bower VS. Sharon 10B

    Pisani Fields - Pisani 2 - Snack Stand
  • 06.30.20166:00 PM

    Team Tighe VS. Walpole 10A

    Remington-Jefferson Fields - RJ - Front
  • 06.30.20166:00 PM

    Walpole 14A VS. Team Phillips

    Walpole - Chauncey Smith Bird Middle School

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